Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is this guy just stupid?

Anti-Military Lawyer Damages Marine's Car on Eve of Deployment - via

I got this in my weekly Snopes update, but the meat of it is from, blog of a former soldier.

The Chicago Tribune has a column on it, as well.

The gist is this:
Lawyer sees guy backing down a one way street. Lawyer sees military plates on car and becomes enraged. Lawyer keys Marine's car. Hilarity ensues.

Seriously, does this guy have absolutely no understanding of how things work these days? Attack an American soldier in an American city for the simple reason that he's a SOLDIER? The Internet is ripping this guy APART. His personal information has been posted. His website is down. His office phone numbers have been disconnected. His picture is everywhere so he probably can't even go outside.

I've fucked with cars for taking up too many parking spaces, blocking driveways and general asshat behavior, but I only move their mirrors. This guy caused substantial damage. Do his actions warrant this kind of response? Probably.

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Pockets said...

I think we should send the guy to Iraq to key HUM-Vs over there. He'd feel much better.