Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Imminent return?

Recent developments that have affected my posting:

General depression and malaise
RESPA Reform
Return to acting
2 shows back-to-back

I feel a return to normalcy coming and I hope to get back here soon.

I've given up the idea of starting over on a new blog. There's no legal reason to do so, since my ex-wife and I have returned to civil discourse. Getting rid of lawyers helps immensely in that regard. I like the name. And, of course, laziness is a factor.

The New Orleans and atheist blogospheres are doing just fine without me, but, as always, in need of more commas and the occasional shit-stirring.

Hopefully, I'll have something of substance soon.


Friday, July 10, 2009

I really needed this

Sometimes I stumble upon a bright, shiny, happy piece of the internet that makes me laugh like a hyena and forget all of my problems for a minute. Lately, a minute is more of a respite than ever.

From Something Awful

Nothing goes together quite like "FUCK YOU FAGGOT" and "GOD BLESS." It's the right wing Internet's version of peanut butter and chocolate.

If you don't know Something Awful, you should.

It's groups like this one that fill me with hope for the future of this nation.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

So much for ever having life insurance

My 35th birthday isn't for a week or so, but my Dad's 60th was this weekend and to celebrate both, my little brother got us the greatest present I could ever get.

This is what I did for my birthday:

This could quite possibly be the happiest I've ever been. It's certainly the happiest I've looked in any picture.

Thankfully, the photographer did not capture the very next moment, which was me facedown in the dirt. I will have to work on that because I will definitely be doing this again as often as I possibly can.

It was the best feeling I have had in my life.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All on a Mardi Gras day...

Miss Antoinette K-Doe died this morning. She was a wonderful woman and a singular New Orleans character. I met her for all of ten minutes one weekend afternoon after the storm and I can tell you this - the city sang through her heart. Even in the gutted shell of the Mother in Law Lounge, she was a bright light who made everyone feel like family.

Goodnight, Miss Antoinette. The city, she will not be the same without you.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I honestly thought I could not possibly feel any worse than I already do this week.

Then this:

The New Orleans Saints have released running back Deuce McAllister.
Deuce McAllister is one of the best running backs in the game. Bad knees and a new coach with a new golden boy are cutting short a career than should have been long, storied and finished in New Orleans. Deuce is a great guy who loves this city. I've met him and I will miss him.

Fuckin Saints...

UPDATE: Much better article here.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's official, Barack Obama is a douchebag

If there's anyone left who is still desperately smoking the Crack-We-Can-Believe-In, I would hope THIS will finally get that "Hope and Change" monkey off your back.

On Wednesday, the transition team and Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies announced that Rick Warren, pastor of the powerful Saddleback Church, would give the invocation on January 20th. [HuffPo]
President-Elect Obama doesn't see anything wrong with that.
“I think that it is no secret that I am a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on, and I intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency,” Obama answered but then defended his choice by making a broader argument for unity, “What I've also said is that it is important for America to come together, even though we may have disagreements on certain social issues.”[ABC]
This is not about a "disagreement". This is about a fundamental, ideological difference between Americans' rights and bigoted religions. How can Barack Obama be an advocate for gays while validating the bullshit opinions of Rick Warren? Oh yeah, yeah, I know Warren says almost nothing about homosexuals that isn't swathed in milquetoast doublethink.
Explaining his views about homosexuality and gay rights, he notes, "I don't think that homosexuality is the worst sin," and, "By the way, my wife and I had dinner at a gay couple's home two weeks ago. So I'm not a homophobic guy, okay?" [The Nation]
Of course he isn't. He just rejects their equality under the law and subscribes to the same ridiculous position as the rest of the bigots.
And Warren says "there is no need to change the universal, historical definition of marriage to appease two percent of our population." As Warren puts it: "This is not a political issue -- it is a moral issue that God has spoken clearly about."[OneNewsNow]
So see, he isn't really homophobic, he just thinks that it's okay to discriminate against homosexuals. Just like having black friends allows me to say "nigger".

Wait, what was that again,Mr. Obama?
“...it is important for America to come together, even though we may have disagreements on certain social issues."
Rick Warren does not want anyone to "come together" unless it's under Jesus. These are not "social issues" to him or his ilk, but moral obligations. There's no discussion to be had. It's an insult to both sides to pretend otherwise.

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are still try to play for both teams. He is now and always has been just a regular old pandering politician. There's your mandate for change - more of the same bullshit.

What an asscrack.