Friday, February 15, 2008

My new advice on arguing with Christians


Really, don't even bother. I've spent DAYS following and commenting on the saga of the "Atheists hate America" billboard in Pennsylvania. Over 90% of the comments are from atheists and freethinkers. It doesn't stop the idiots from making comments like:

  • Why do you hate God?
  • Why do you hate Christians?
  • If you used to be a Christian and now you're not then you weren't really a Christian.
  • I would suggest that The hindus, buddhists, communists, taoists, etc. do hate America just as the Atheists hate America

And my favorite:

  • Thus, when athiests fail to recognize God as the LORD, they are failing to have this nation blessed.
    What is the opposite of a blessing? A curse.
The articles are linked below. The columns are realtively short, but beware the comment forums! I didn't comment in all of them. Still, why am I so stupid? Why do I still give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt?

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Fuck it. I'm not even discussing it anymore. The minute someone even mentions support for creationism, intelligent design, young earth, Mike Huckabee or any of that Fundamentalist bullshit, I'm just going to reply,"Fuck you. You're an idiot. Stop infecting my fucking gene pool with your worthless, malformed gametes, you son of a pig-whore jackass." And then, I might even kick them skwa in the nuts.


I'm serious.


PhillyChief said...

Yes, it's always fun dealing with them. As you might have seen, I've spent some time dissecting the "cleverer" ones' arguments on my blog. Anyway, I argue with them IF it's not one on one and the floor of the online debate is neutral (ie - none of that shit where posts have to be approved before they appear or where the ones in charge are christians and they'll delete what they don't like). One on one is pointless because you probably can't change their tiny, frozen minds but on a blog or in a forum there are people who will lurk and observe and it's for them that you want to write and show how pathetic the christian arguments are.

Anonymous said...

Arguing with theists is unbelievably frustrating. Your advice, "don't even bother" is very appealing. I don't even bother going to their sites. What's the point? It's not like they'll say anything I've never heard before.

Jeremy Myers said...

I'm a Christian, and I wholeheartedly agree with this post.

If we Christians can't learn:
1. To discuss such things with grace and humility;
2. To listen more and talk less;
3. To stop such silly name-calling;
4. To use some logic and common sense...

...then all people should simply ignore us.

Thanks Bullet!