Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I Admit…A Search For Meaningful Ground

If I admit that McCain’s time in the military better suits him to be Commander-In-Chief, will you admit that time spent in an enemy prison camp probably doesn’t give him the best mindset for setting foreign policy?

If I admit that there is a tiny, little part of me that wishes to wrongly ignore all the issues and vote for Obama simply because he’s “the black guy,” will you admit that not voting for him based upon the same reason is at least equally as wrong?

If I admit that despite my vast education, the current economic crisis seems too complex for me and perhaps for most to understand, will you admit that you must comparatively know even less about the infinitely broader subject matter of God, afterlife, and metaphysics?

If I admit that I see no short-term end in sight to the nearly 50/50 electoral schism between red states and blue states, will you admit that the closest we might get to our own moderate or centrist views in The White House is a Republican for eight years followed by a Democrat for eight years, and so on?

If I admit that Sarah Palin has to have exhibited some intelligence to rise to the position of Governor, will you admit that her stance as a traditional, small government Republican simply means she does less in government?

If I admit that, no matter what he says, Obama as President coupled with a strongly Democratic U.S. Congress is going to cost you way, way, way more money in the long run, will you admit that means more money in programs and less in rich pockets?

If I admit that, based on the Reagan-esque standard, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” our answer in 1983 should have been a unanimous YES, will you admit that our answer to the same question in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 should have been a resounding NO?

If I admit that there’s a large part of me that is simply too lazy to take personal action against global climate change, will you admit that I’m part of the problem, thereby acknowledging the problem?

If I admit that evolution could be a subset of creation, will you admit it’s the only subset based upon empirical data, and therefore the only subset teachable in an evidentiary manner?

If I admit that I’d be willing to acknowledge that timetables are bad, like one to withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq, will you admit the necessity to eliminate another timetable that claims the Earth is only 5000 years old?

If I admit that giving birth seems like the best choice, will you admit that it’s a choice?

If I admit that Liberals sometimes seek new change for the empty sake of change, will you admit that Conservatives, in the act of conserving our Republic, have over 200 years of practices, many bad, from which to choose their stances and still be considered good Conservatives, regardless?

If I admit that there is no definitive way to control the emotion of greed on Wall Street, will you admit that there is no definitive way to control the emotion of lust in our young adults?

If I admit that God exists, will you then admit that there’s no reason you have to tell me about him?

If I admit that I irrationally blame McCain’s party line, in part, for the mistakes of the George W. Bush administration, will you admit that Obama’s party line makes you irrationally fear another White House BJ?

If I admit that Democratic politicians don’t really care about poor Americans, will you admit that you don’t either?

If I admit that, in the interest of America, Saddam Hussein deserved to be forcibly removed from power and killed, will you admit that Osama Bin Laden deserved the same, first?

If I admit that the surge worked, will you admit that our soldiers deserve to come home then in triumph?


bullet said...

Um... No.

DB said...

Hey, looks like you are setting the terms here. How about if I admit this was a cool post, would you admit I am the master of cool posts? Ya, I doubt it too lol. I liked it though.

Pockets said...

Bullet - LOL!

DB - Thanks DB. Now as for your proposal, I'll admit you are the master of cool posts if you admit that I am the ubermeister of cool posts.

DB said...

Indeed. I am a modest man, I can live with simply being the master. I mean, Master. Capital 'M'...I am still working on my modesty.

Anonymous said...

Good, thought-provoking post. I'd concede some of the points mentioned simply because they're true, or pretty close to it. For example, politicians in both major parties probably don't care a whole lot about the poor. I'll concede that one easily.

On the other hand, ordinary people in both parties cover the whole range: some don't care about the poor at all and others do care quite a lot. Those who do care have substantially different philosophies about how that care should be expressed.

As far as evolution being a subset of creation, I concede that quite often, primarily for the sake of argument and secondarily because it could be true. My personal thinking is that evolution is inconsistent with the biblical account of creation and the traditional Christian teachings about Original Sin, the nature of the Christian deity, etc. But, regarding the question of whether there is a creative entity, more akin to the deistic conception, in my view the jury is still out on that one. I think it's unlikely, so I am an atheist rather than an agnostic or deist, but I recognize that I could be wrong about that.

Long and short of it is, I'd concede some of these points but not all. Still, I like your approach to trying to find common ground. We probably don't do nearly enough of this. The extreme polarization that now dominates the USA's politics is very unhealthy.

Pockets said...

Thanks, Chap'. Always great to hear from you and read your stuff.

Yeah, I don't think I'm as much looking for common ground as I am trying to show how many talking points self-negate, in hopes of getting beyond the talking points and to the roots of a few issues.