Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick thought on Ike

More to come later, but I saw this on MSNBC today and just couldn't believe it.

Officials from Texas pressed for equal treatment from federal aid agencies. "I have asked the president and the administration to just treat us as fairly as they treated Louisiana back during Katrina," said Texas Gov. Rick Perry. "Texans will take care of the rest."
Mr Perry, you really might want to rethink that statement. I hope you haven't put it in writing. If you did, you just fucked the citizens of Galveston and Houston.

If you want help that is a day late and a dollar short, then ask to be treated like Louisiana. If you want an enormous, unreasonable bill from FEMA for a percentage of the money they wasted through ridiculous red tape and bureaucracy, ask to be treated like Louisiana. If you want your citizens to receive help that will endanger their health and welfare, brought to them through no-bid contracts with barely regulated out-of-state contractors, then ask to be treated like Louisiana.

If you want, "Heckuva job, Brownie!" then ask to be treated like Louisiana.

I could go on.

And on.

And on.

Mr. Perry, set your sights a bit higher, like maybe Mississippi. You have ruined casinos, right? Better build some, quick.

Oh, and FUCK YOU VERY MUCH for the insinuation that Texans are somehow able to help themselves better than Louisianians. We've already started to see the same bitching and carrying on from your superior, self sufficient and, may I add, incredibly wealthy citizenry. When you get Galveston up and running in less than a year, get back to me. When Houston is back to pre-storm population in less than two, give me a call. Hell, when you manage to host a home football game before the end of the season, we can talk about who's better in a crisis.

Until then:

Don't mess with Texas. You don't know where it's been.

*I don't need any irate Texans leaving nasty comments. I'm mad at your governor, not you. I hope someone in charge over there has been paying attention. It's not going to be easy.


Pockets said...

Yeah, I know it's not a government thing, more of a global industrial financial leader thing, but my work outfit here in New York needed 200 computers for our same outfit in Texas as Hurricane Ike relief. Our company in Houston left their machines too close to the windows. So windows got blown out, private data was just lying around in the flooded streets. One phone call, ONE PHONE CALL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, was all it took for us to show up to work in New York on Monday morning and find that all of our computers had been backed-up, formatted, rebuilt, and shipped to Texas to open an emergency business center for my company. That's power!

Not for nothing, but I know people in New Orleans who'd been calling around, working through programs, using word-of-mouth, and sharing info. every day who still had to wait two years for an insurance payment or a building inspector or even a single freakin' contractor.

Also not for nothing, but isn't that middle of the night call I mentioned above supposed to be what the red phone in The White House is for? How is it that 200 computers can get from NY to Texas, with all the needed work done on them, overnight, from two originating locations, without even asking permission or warning NY workers about a difficult Monday ahead, and the leader of the free world and his entire conglomerate of cronies can't get his ass to the Gulf Coast within three days?

Pockets said...

I also saw in the news snippets that appear in our building's elevators that The Red Cross is running real low on money after back to back hurricanes in back to back years, now asking the government to prop them up.

Okay so,

Bear Stearns - OOB
Freddie Mac - OOB
Fannie Mae - OOB
Lehman - OOB
Possible AIG
Possible WaMU

Biggest DOW drop since The Great Depression ending at its lowest point since 9/11/2001...landing this economy firmly where it started at Dubya's administrative beginnings, plus an incidental trillions in war debt.


Here it is people. We need to add to how our country is run. From now on, the U.S. VP is no longer in charge of NASA. Nobody lives in space. The U.S. VP now longer gets to choose which services they will most identify with or work the most on. From now on, other than the actual responsibilities provided for in the U.S. Constitution, the V.P. will have one job, and one job only...head domestic disaster relief. Period. There's an actual comparative skillset to run on. It forces direct accountability, streamlines the path from executive order to relief execution as well as the funds flow to do so, and almost guarantees no idiot VP selections that fill a hole in a political agenda. The President is going to protect you from attacks, VP is going to rebuild your city and enfranchise you in 6 months. That's a job!

bullet said...

I wouldn't trust Biden OR Palin to do handle that.


Hear, hear on your first comment.

Pockets said...

My point exactly!

Jeremy Myers said...

Hey! I'm from Texas (though I don't really want to be, and hope to not be from Texas for very much longer...) and...I agree with you 100%

Texans can be an arrogant bunch...Ha ha.