Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October surprise?
Inside Obama's Secret Gay Muslim Mafia Love Nest

I've been thinking lately that McCain has been far too calm and sure of himself as he's getting his ass handed to him in the polls. I figure he must have something saved up. I bet it's better than Colin Powell.

Maybe this is it.

Who the hell is Mike Signator?

Some excerpts from Politico:

Technically, Signator's job is to provide "supplemental security support" for Obama's presidential campaign


For security reasons , Obama's presidential campaign refuses to reveal the details of Signator's role, but LaBolt said it brings Signator into frequent, close contact with the Obamas.


The campaign press staff — which at first denied that Signator worked for the campaign, then discouraged Politico from writing about him — declined to set up an interview.


According to Federal Election Commission records, Obama's campaign through the end of August had paid Signator $47,600. The payments, which began in March 2007 at $2,900 a month, dwindled to less than $800 a month in May of this year — a full year after the Secret Service began protecting Obama.
Since we're talking about Chicago, here, I'm thinking Organized Crime on this one. Maybe he's Obama's secret gay lover. That's why Michelle always looks so uptight!

Whatever. I'm sure I'll know Joe the Plumber's underwear size before I know who this guy is and why they're so dead set on keeping him secret.

Here's his picture:


DB said...

You left out the best parts. Specifically when they talk about Obama going to "workout" at this dudes apartment gym and only "works out" for 15 minutes...

Come on, what kind of self-respecting conservative are you??? Go for the jugular!

Lol, tbh, I saw this and wondered why no one has ever asked about this.

Pockets said...

It's the devil! The devil, I tell you!

bullet said...

You're right, DB. My defense is that ot was late and I was too tired to see "teh funny".

I should be slapped for missing that one.

Anonymous said...

C'mon. Why would Obama visit another grown man with such frequency? Bet this is Obama's bisexual lover. Uncle Frank Marshall Davis, a bisexual man, was Obama's mentor. (wink) Why has Obama not revealed who he hung around during his years in New York? Claims he can't remember? Nobody at Colombia remembers him??? But he wore an obvious wedding band during those years. Betcha Obama is a down low brother who HATES women