Sunday, April 12, 2009

So much for ever having life insurance

My 35th birthday isn't for a week or so, but my Dad's 60th was this weekend and to celebrate both, my little brother got us the greatest present I could ever get.

This is what I did for my birthday:

This could quite possibly be the happiest I've ever been. It's certainly the happiest I've looked in any picture.

Thankfully, the photographer did not capture the very next moment, which was me facedown in the dirt. I will have to work on that because I will definitely be doing this again as often as I possibly can.

It was the best feeling I have had in my life.


DB said...

Skydiving is so much fun! I was fortunate enough to dive over Lake Tahoe a couple months ago. So amazing.

bullet said...

Tell me about it. I think I've found an avocation. I'm already looking for classes. Expensive hobby, though. Maybe I'll put up a donation button. :)

DB said...

One of my best friends (who I went with recently) has really gotten into it. Once you are allowed to jump solo the price is like $25 a jump, much cheaper than the normal price. The problem is paying so much getting to that point!