Monday, February 4, 2008

18 - 1

I have been away from posting too long. One reason is the amount of time I spend reading and commenting on other blogs. Stop being so compelling, you fucks! The other reason is that I am too tired to have "big thinks" for any longer than it takes to write a few sentences and by the time I get something together it's way overdue. And with my free time, I generally play video games.

That being said, I am posting today because I hate the fucking Patriots. Watching them not only lose but just get dominated by the Giants D was more satisfying than any football game this season. I loved seeing Brady hit the ground. I loved seeing Bill "Crybaby" Belichick leave his team on the field with 1 second left. I loved seeing both of these sore losers mumble and grumble and not say anything positive about the team that just outplayed them. I loved that no one got to be perfect. I loved that the cheaters couldn't win it all. I absolutely love that Bostonians get so pissed that their important, Puritan, heart-of-the-revolution city is regularly ignored in favor of an island the Dutch, the DUTCH, stole off a bunch of Indians. And I love that the football team from that island just beat the piss out of the Patriots.

I fucking hate Boston. Any town known for giving bad directions to tourists is crap. Any town that has more than 3 left turns at a given intersection is bullshit. The Red Sox fans bitched about the Yankees "buying" their World Series, but were ok with their own team buying theirs. Fuck the Celtics. The Celtics are known for Larry Bird and fuck-all else. Bruins? Please. Who gives a fuck about hockey? The NFL is the premier sport in this country and the Patriots, regardless of their season, regardless of all their records, are nothing but cheaters and losers. That's the Belichick legacy, folks. Eat it, you bastids.

Oh, and it was great that a New Orleans boy won the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. I could only be happier if the Saints had won it all. Even then, it wouldn't be by much.


Pockets said...

As Bullet knows, I personally do not follow sports.

I was, however, in Queens, New York the night of the big game, and though I spent most of it furthering a career search and on the phone, at one point during the night the entire neighborhood erupted in a loud roar. It was as if every block around was vibrating with noise and glee. The outcry was louder than fireworks. I knew the Giants had won. Though it's hard to be happy for a team I know nothing about, I have to say I felt truly happy for the neighborhood and wondered at how sports can o easily bring people together even in all those separate, individualized compartments they called home.

Anonymous said...

Pockets, neat story.

Bullet - I like hockey. I actually flew with the entire Bruins team on a flight from Toronto to Winnipeg about 16 years ago. Cam Neely sat across from me and my son, who was about 6 months old at the time. He played with my son and held him on his lap awhile too. He was a nice guy.

bullet said...

Yeah, I really have nothing to say about hockey, but I felt I couldn't just leave it out. I seem to remember from living in NY and being subjected to the interminable hockey news on Sportscenter (why? I don't care about baseball, basketball, or hockey, so why was I watching it?)that the Bruins really sucked, but I was in too much of a frenzy to look it up.

It's much easier to just lump them in with my hatred of all things Boston. :)

bullet said...

Ok, so I looked up Cam Neely and the Bruins. Cam Neely looks like a great guy. But he is from Canada and I attribute that to his not being wholly corrupted by the New England influence. And the Bruins don't totally suck, at least by the New Orleans Saints standard, which, I think, has set the standard for all of professional team sports.

I apologize to chaplain, I guess there is something in Boston that is not deserving of hate.

But the "T" alone makes up for that.


Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. ;)