Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day - a different perspective

For another example of how technology is totally changing the world and how we interact and relate to each other go check out Sanya Weathers' take on Memorial Day over at Eating Bees. It's a gaming blog, as Sanya was the Community Director for DAOC and now for GuildCafe and was blogging about MMOs before the term "blog" existed. So though the comments might be a little impenetrable for some, one can't help but understand this:

...I crossed off names with a yellow highlighter when Johnny and Jane came marching home or at least back to a place with air conditioning and internet access hurrah, hurrah.

Sometimes I used a black marker. Not often. But enough.
Regardless of your thoughts on the war (and please don't use the comments to discuss it), I'd like to remember this Memorial Day that people who are "just playing a game" have a great impact on each other's lives and that the loss of a member of a "virtual community" hurts, too.

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