Monday, June 16, 2008

With a cherry on top.
(why do we even bother?)

Some of the readers here probably remember JP. He came to atheism as an ex-Catholic by way of various Protestant experiments, just trying to figure everything out. Most atheists have made a similar journey and a great many people tried to help him with it. Now he's gone back to the Catholic Church. I thought perhaps his time trying to sort out belief vs. non-belief would have given him more insight into the thinking of non-believers that he could now convey to his brethren. Maybe dispel some misconceptions. So I stuck around. Made comments here and there. Shared his frustrations.

And this is what I get for my trouble. Indeed, what we all get for our efforts to help this man.

Here is how I see atheism: Imagine, if you will, a big pile of dog feces. On top of it, you see whip cream with a long stemmed cherry. From a distance it might look pretty good but the closer you get to it, you realize it stinks and it's misleading. That is atheism.

What I hold to be true is a pile of dog shit. With a cherry on top.

Thanks, JP. It seems your journey back to ignorant and superstitious bigotry is now complete.

Have fun.


JP said...

bullet, we all have experiences and our own individual convictions. I was speaking as one who was an atheist and how I saw it now looking back. I was not speaking for you or any other non-theist. This was JP's view. I am sorry that you were offended. It was not my intention.

"It seems your journey back to ignorant and superstitious bigotry is now complete."

A bit harsh but I forgive you. I know you were reacting to what I said.

Peace be with you bullet.

Don't be a stranger.

PhillyChief said...

Yeah, that's too bad. I didn't realize he started with catholicism. I thought it was that coc brand. Whatever. I wish him the best and if that stuff makes him happy, so be it, as long as he doesn't hurt anyone else with that stuff. Unfortunately, having a blog where he calls atheism a steamy pile of shit is hardly an example of that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that JP thinks so negatively of atheism. I haven't found it nearly as joyless and hopeless as he apparently did. I obviously don't share his beliefs, but I wish him the best.

JP said...


Again, I am sharing my personal opinion on what I felt and thought during that trial in my life. Maybe a steamy pile of shit was a bad example. How about this "it was good from far but far from good."

Again....for me.

DB said...

I understand the frustration. Some people come to atheism through lack-of belief but find that they expected more from atheism than they got. Those expectations are generally derived from not understanding the sole-premise of atheism that it is a view that lacks is not a way of life or a philosophy in itself. I think this concept of believing in god, than not believing, and finally believing again speaks more to that misunderstood expectation than true belief this person may or may not had.

PhillyChief said...

I just have to point out that calling atheism a lack of belief ain't so hot because it implies it's a position of deficiency. Now before you disagree, ask yourself if it sounds right to say you lack cancer, lack AIDS, or lack a drug addiction. Sounds weird, doesn't it? Well saying you lack belief is even worse since the religious always push the fact that we're somehow deficient and often push that patronizing "oh you'll get it SOMEDAY" crap, so it feeds that.

Not everyone is cut out for DIY thinking and living, I agree, and certainly if one is accustomed to that and still desires that then atheism isn't going to be that appealing, but I would argue that if you are that type then I don't see how you come to atheism in the first place.